Micro Velvet Fabrics

Micro Velvet Fabrics

We are manufacturing these Micro Velvet Fabrics since past 5 years. They are mainly used in the Garment manufacturing purpose. We maintain constant relationships with Micro Velvet factories in China to develop new products which are in fashion all over the world and suited to Indian tastes.

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Composition of Micro Velvet

100% Polyester

Qualities of Micro Velvet

Greige Velvet Fabric
— Micro Velvet 9000

Digital Printed Velvet
Printed Micro Velvet 5000
Printed Micro Velvet 9000
Emboss Design Micro Velvet

Description of Micro Velvet

Micro Velvet is considered to be a soft velvet from traditional velvet used for Garments. The softness & shine of the fabric makes it more versatile for apparels & other purposes. Micro Velvet is more resilient and stain-proof than traditional velvet.

The softest and most luxurious of the vevlet fabrics, it is a dream come true for those looking for a fabric that is both durable and cozy! Micro velvets come in a huge range of bold colors and are incredibly affordable. An excellent choice for any garment maker looking for an affordable and durable fabric.

We selected micro velvets because of its cost effectiveness and easy maintenance. Moreover, they are easy to cut, sew and embroider. These fabrics are made from fibers finer than the most delicate of silks. Micro velvets are some of the most luxurious velvets you can find aside from 100% silk velvets. Micro velvets are best used for ethnic wear, sarees, kurtis and dresses.

Micro Velvet Care

Dry Clean Only

Micro Velvet Lead Time

1-2 weeks

Micro Velvet Colors

The most popular color is Black.
After that, royal blue, navy, red, maroon, purple are preferred


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